Firm Profile
Founded in 1989 as a spin-off three CPA's, with a steady growth into a full service accounting firm providing services to individuals, closely-held businesses and professional companies. The firm serves California clients from its offices in Woodland Hills. Approximately ninety percent of the firm's business is located in the Los Angeles area. Many of the firm's clients seek advice with respect to real estate matters, medical and dental matters, and almost every type of client participation has received services from the firm.

The firm's philosophy is to provide high quality, practical, timely solutions for the firm's clients at a reasonable cost. In furtherance of that philosophy, the firm employs intelligent, hardworking, experienced personnel and has instituted, training and supervision designed to achieve the firm's service objectives. Those systems include senior level CPA's responsibility or supervision in even the most routine matters; to ensure availability to clients; a take-all-calls telephone policy and immediate turnaround on quick response queries. Additionally, the firm employs only the most qualified bookkeepers, administrative assistants and computer personnel and uses state-of-the-art computers, word processors and computer software programs. The insistence by management on the foregoing has produced a reputation for quick, effective, high quality services.

Frequently, a client's rough ideas regarding a business opportunity are reshaped into a specific, attainable structure as the result of advice and counseling of management. The tax, accounting and business skills of the firm's CPA's, together, when necessary , with the firm's referral to other professional colleagues with related expertise, has often been instrumental in bringing about a successful conclusion to a business situation.